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Getting Started

Feb. 3, 2017, 1:22 p.m.

Step 1 - Signup

You can signup using the signup page   
Once you register yourself, We send you an verification email with an activation link.
Login in to your email account and Click on the activation link.
This should take you to 'Account Activation' page.
Enter your password and click on 'Activate' button and your account is created. :)

Step 2 - Create an Application

Login to your account and create an Application.
You will be provided with <client_id> and <client_secret>
We will later use this to initialise and authenticating the client application.

Step 3 - Install Cognious client

Cognious python client is the easiest way to get started.
Soon we would have client applications for other languages as well, stay tuned. :)
Untill then you can access our APIs directly, In case python client isn't an option for you.
# pip is the simplest way to install cognious
# for python3 users using pip
pip3 install cognious

# for python 2.x using pip
pip install cognious

Finally - Start using the application

Python client example for image recognition:
from cognious import CogniousApp

# <client_id> and <client_secret> should be passed to the CogniousApp,
# which returns an instance of your application
# <client_id> and <client_secret> can be obtained by creating
# a new application at
app = CogniousApp('DKP3ADiCHVWO0NvuDg9XIpYgZAgKIXc73ZiPfBe2', 'i55x7kQWGc83u2fpKgMmyGCXaWDHYlk7kS986a6e')

# Get the model you want to use
# models.get function returns an instance of the model
model = app.models.get('ImageRecognition')

# Use the available methods to make a prediction

You can also go through the Doc: Quick Start