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Vaccine Availability Alert

May 15, 2021, 5:36 p.m.

With the coronavirus still wreaking havoc around the world, especially in India, physicians, healthcare professionals, and scientists on the front lines of the pandemic have gone beyond the call of duty by caring for patients. Let us express our gratitude to all of them and pledge to do our part by following covid guidelines and getting vaccinated.
To make it easier for everyone to get vaccinated, we, Cognious Labs have built a bot that pulls data from CO-WIN APIs based on city and notifies you immediately when slots for vaccination for the age group 18-44 become accessible.
If you haven't had your vaccination yet, you can subscribe to the telegram channels below to be notified when slots become available in your area.

Telegram Channels:

More cities will be added to the list soon.
If you want a vaccine availability alert bot for your city, please comment your city name below.

Do your bit by creating awareness among your loved ones.
Please get vaccinated. Stay safe. Let's fight this together.
Let's fight this together.

#indiavscovid19 GET VACCINATED. STAY SAFE.